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About The Choir

Singing together

Do you want to join other adults (18+) and learn how to sing, read music, and be part of a community?

Sharing your voice with others can be joyous - particularly if you haven't done it for a long time. Our members say that when you decide to try, you will surprise yourself and enjoy the experience.

How the choir works

Each rehearsal, we start with a physical warm-up together to loosen up your body, your voice, and to get comfortable and in a good singing position. Then we have a musical warm-up to vocalize, breathe, relax, and get ready to practice singing together.

We rehearse together, picking out specific moments in the music. We sometimes break into voice-type sectionals to focus on more challenging musical sections. We re-group at the end of rehearsal to sing together and confirm our musical progress. Each rehearsal offers a break so you can get to know other singers better, and there is generally a social opportunity after each rehearsal.


For new members, you can try the first session to see if you like the environment, culture, and shared musical goals. Come join us!


Frequently asked questions

How much does the choir cost?

Participants pay by session. We offer three sessions a year, fall, winter, and spring. Choir dues are $103 per month, and the music class only open to choir members is $52 per month. Participants with more experience can join the chamber choir or barbershop group after auditioning with Alistair for an additional $75 per month. 

What experience do I need for the choir?

None. We welcome anyone who would like to sing, whether they have previously been in a choir or not. 


Will I need to audition?

We are a friendly, non-audition community choir. Alistair Hamilton will work with singers individually to determine voice parts, check-in on vocal health, etc.


When do I need to decide whether I can commit to the choir?

We ask singers to register for a season of the choir after the first rehearsal.


What styles of music will be performed?

From Renaissance to jazz and pop songs and newly composed music for the group, the repertoire is varied and carefully selected to give a beautiful musical experience, including songs in several languages, from different cultures, and musical traditions. 


What format will concerts take?

Depending on the season, concerts may include choral music in 4+ parts, vocal solos, chamber choir music, band or chamber orchestra pieces, and original compositions from Alistair and external composers. Assistant Conductor Patrick Kochyan conducts the choir (and audience!) in one piece per concert.


Do I have to participate in all three seasons (fall, winter, and spring) or can I select the ones that match with my schedule and/or other commitments?

You are free to sign up for one or all terms.


Can I stop and start the choir at any time?

We will build our repertoire together through the sessions, so singers need to commit for a season at a time and will pay dues for that season for all levels of attendance. If singers are unable to commit to all rehearsals, we understand and encourage singers to let Julia D. know about any conflicts in advance. But remember that performing is a commitment and rehearsal is important for the ensemble to have a successful performance.


How much notice do I need to provide to cancel my monthly fee?

Ideally, committed singers would sign up before the first rehearsal for each season and must decide after the first session whether they will commit to a season. Members can pay monthly or pay for the entire season up front.


What happens if I have paid in advance and attend the first session and decide that don’t like the choir?

If anyone would like to stop their participation in the choir after their first session, there is no charge for that session, and any fees paid will be refunded.


If we are two people from the same household joining the music theory class or the choir - can we get a special family rate? 

Unfortunately, no. To cover the cost of renting and insuring the venue, purchasing music rights, renting performing spaces, events, and music director and voice coach expenses, we need to charge dues per each enrolled member of the choir.


Do you offer scholarships?

Though we are just starting up and need to collect monthly contributions to cover operating costs, a few scholarship opportunities are available. Please reach out to


How can I get involved?

We would love to have you join us as we create and shape this choir and community together. Leading a vocal section, signing up to bring snacks to a practice, and inviting your music curious friends along are just a few ways you can join in and support the organization. Share your ideas with us at

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